I’ve just switched to WordPress from my former home at Vox. My WordPress is going to be more focused, centering only on book reviews. I was able to import some of my old reviews from Vox, which are visible below.

I’d like to introduce the concept for this new blog before I launch into a string of reviews. My username, capacityforwings, is taken from a poem by Emily Dickinson entitled “From the Chrysalis.”

Here’s the poem, if you’re interested.

My cocoon tightens, colors tease,
I’m feeling for the air;
A dim capacity for wings
Degrades the dress I wear.

A power of butterfly must be
The aptitude to fly,
Meadows of majesty concedes
And easy sweeps of sky.

So I must baffle at the hint
And cipher at the sign,
And make much blunder, if at last
I take the clew divine.

The poem expresses that life can emerge from something inorganic. In the same spirit, books, which are inorganic objects, can impact us so profoundly that they turn into organic emotions and even actions. This impresses me so much that I’d like to write about it! What’s more, I’d like to develop my own critical voice and realize my own capacity for wings. Here’s to a new start on WordPress!