Q. Who are you, exactly?

My name is Nina, and I’m a college student who loves to read.

Q. What on earth does your username mean?

My username, capacityforwings, is taken from a poem by Emily Dickinson entitled “From the Chrysalis.” You can find the full poem and a short explanation here.

Q. When did your love for reading begin?

I can trace my love for reading back to my childhood in New Jersey, when I would pile children’s books on the library tables and plow through them like a delicious meal. I don’t have as much time now to read as I used to then, but reading is still one of my favorite pastimes.

Q. Where did you find the inspiration for this blog?

I started this blog because it will motivate me to read more often while allowing me to comment on others’ reviews. I hope it will also allow me to keep track of my thoughts on all the books I read over time!

Q. Why do you choose certain books and not others?

For better or for worse, my reading choices are based on whim.  Most of what I read is from  the public library or borrowed from friends. It’s all very ad-hoc, and I rarely plan what I’m going to read next.  I don’t think that there’s any genre that interests me more than the others. In short, I enjoy nonfiction that reads like fiction and fiction that reads like nonfiction. What’s most important is that I can relate to the story. And that’s how I intend to review books – not only on their style and subject, but on their relatability as well.


One Response to “Q&A”

  1. maphead Says:

    Welcome aboard ! Glad you followed my advice. Get ready for a whole new world to open up for you.

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