So, I really enjoyed the storyline of Paulo Coelho’s book – I’m always up for simple stories in exotic locations. This book takes you on a journey with its main character, Santiago the shepherd,  through Andalusia, Tangier, the Sahara Desert, and the Egyptian Pyramids. I really enjoyed that aspect of it.

On the whole though, I totally disagree with Coelho’s life philosophy which this novel is supposed to illustrate. Through the story of Santiago, Coelho claims that every person has a destiny (which he calls a “Personal Legend”) that they are obligated to fulfill in order to enrich the so-called “Soul of the World”. And apparently, the entire universe is supposed to help you out in fulfilling your destiny by sending you omens. Usually, I’m not overly cynical or realistic – I like to take flights of philosophical fancy – but I really think Paulo Coelho’s ideas were too farfetched.

5 stars out of 10. I can’t for the life of me understand why this book was so popular. I should have stuck this one under yesterday’s QotD (“Overrated”).

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